Laminated Corrugated Paper Box

Corrugated boxes

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Corrugated boxes:

Corrugated means forming or shaping something into different wrinkles, folds or alternating ridges and grooves. This box have three layers, and their parent material is paperboard. These boxes have rows of small air-filled grooves all around the box. The linear board has a smooth thick flat paper that makes up the two outside surfaces of the box, known as corrugates. We are also provides Printed Cardboard Boxes.

Some varieties of boxes have one outside layer, while Some box have multiple layers of the medium and linear board for additional protection and several other variations of flute materials in a layered box which provides better protection and strength.

The flutes create air space between the layers of this box, these spaces give the box greater durability and strength and also provide more cushion to protect the commodity that will be packed or shipped in the box. These flutes enable the transportation of heavy-duty products in these corrugated boxes. All boxes are reusable and biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Different types of corrugated boxes:

The team of Carbon Laminated Paper Boxes designers also use recycled paper, cardboard and other raw materials. The boxes we offer are usually bottles, gifts, electronics, tableware, jewellery and more. 

It is used to wrap objects such as users like these boxes for self-display, especially in sales applications. Due to their durability, the boxes provided are suitable for food, drinks, electronics, stationery, kitchen items, shoes, gifts and more. access to benefits in different ways

Key points:

1. Page content that does not fit and finish

2. Available in special finishes, designs and sizes

3. It works easily.

Laminated paper is a popular choice for long periods of time when the material can be exposed to the elements for a long time. So, in short laminated paper products are waterproof.

However, laminated paper lasts longer than synthetic paper because it is etched. However, unlike synthetic paper, laminated paper is easy to print and edit.

  • No special use, no flexibility, no long-standing time.
  • Less waste and faster drying equal savings.
  • In addition, printing can be stable and easy, creating amazing images.

 Packed using the patented technology of no dissolution or 100% solids. This lamination does not require melting or firing and does not use water-based solutions. This means that the laminated sheets stay flat.

This information can help determine the right paper for your application. Contact Paper Tyger for more information on laminated products. 

Types of Laminated Corrugated Paper Box

There are four types of boxes.

  • Single-phase corrugated box
  • Single wall corrugated box
  • Double-wall corrugated box
  • Triple wall corrugated box.

Laminated corrugated boxes:

These laminated boxes are particularly used for decorative packaging of products like bottles, gifts, electronic gadgets, crockery, cosmetic items etc. This type of box is helpful in various industries related to food and beverages, electronics, stationery, kitchenware, footwear, giftware, etc. These laminated boxes are available in customized designs and are lightweight, make them easy to handle.

The laminated corrugated sheets are PE-coated boxes either on one side or both sides.
The laminated box is developed to meet the client’s demands, including adding water or grease repellent layers on one or both sides for better durability.

Laminated corrugated boxes production:

The lamination in the cardboard makes this product a plastic cardboard sheet combo. The plastic layer is applied on one side or both sides of the corrugated sheet. Smartpackindustries is the corrugated paper box manufacturer in Vapi Gujarat.

By printing the plastic PE layer, this box is produced of any colour. This box can be changed into die-cut boxes as display boxes or trays and cake sports. Unlike corrugated laminates boxes, there are plastic corrugated box.

Uses for laminated corrugated box:

  • It suitable for direct food contact  box are suitable for frozen food.
  • This boxes are anti-humidity.
  • It is an anti-grease.

Industries that use laminated corrugated box:

  • Cakes and cookies
  • Delicatessen
  • Graphic Arts and Packaging

This type of boxes are used in the food industry because these sheets repel moisture and grease to protect food and provide an attractive image of the packaged product.
Cake manufacturers, smoked food producers, and the medical and sanitary sectors can use a laminated carton. The laminated box is more sustainable because the main component of the sheet or the box is cardboard and not plastic.

Styles of the corrugated box:

This types of boxes are made in different sizes and are used for various purposes. Below are the different styles of corrugated boxes.

Regular slotted Container (RSC)

Various industries like food and electronics use a regular slotted container (RSC). The box has four flaps on both sides, used to close the container.

Telescope type

These corrugated boxes provide extra thickness and protection from all four sides of the boxes and are used for packing fragile and delicate products.

Fold type & tray

These corrupted boxes are best used for packing food products and come mainly in two types. Glues tray and Self- locking Tray are the most customizable boxes.


Corrugated box are developed according to the needs of customers. These products come in various sizes, designs, shapes and closures. These are made from recycled material, renewable or sustainable resources are biodegradable or reusable. You can buy corrugated boxes here.

Some companies need to promote their products or brands. Thus shipping with laminated corrugated boxes gives you free promotion, and its style used in bakeries and food industries. 

The difference between the litho laminate version and direct digital printing is the glass you see in the price itself. Direct or offset digital printing means printing directly on the cover page.

1. Set up your workspace.
2. Use the formula.
3. Let the plate dry.
4. Buy the right amount of self-laminating paper.
5. Clean the sticky side of the laminate surface

Litho laminated is the process of printing decorative images of offset lithography on paper and attaching this print to a poster.

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