Plain Corrugated Box

Plain corrugated boxes

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Plain corrugated boxes dominate shipping industries. As a business owner, choose the correct corrugated box for your business and the transportation of your products. These boxes are used for multipurpose across the food industry, clothing industry, and others. These boxes are manufactured from sheets of corrugated paper or cardboard. The cardboard used to make corrugated boxes are trimmed and folded to create cartons of all shapes and sizes. Glue is used on corners for greater stability. 

A corrugated box is a drop box with layers of material, an outer layer, and an interlayer. On the other hand, the middle layer has a hard shell that provides adhesion and support for heavy objects placed on the hard shell. The standard paper has a lifespan of 200 years. Over the years since their creation, corrugated boxes have become the most widely used type of shipping and are found in all service and transportation areas.

Most of the deliveries of products you receive from Amazon, Flipkart, etc, are packed in Plain corrugated boxes. This type of boxes are eco friendly and can be used again, which makes them environment-friendly and less paper waste in the surroundings. These plain boxes are made with simple methods and are very lightweight. These corrected boxes can be used as plain or customized with different patterns according to the customer’s preference. These corrugated packaging box come in various sizes and types and are mostly preferred by the retail industry, stationery packaging.

How are corrugated boxes made?

The corrugated box manufacturers machine that makes the corrugated board used to make corrugated boxes is called a corrugator. The main features of laminated boards are that they have layers and are made of different types of paper. The centrepiece is made of softwood. The bamboo section is made of short fibres that contain hardwood.

Large sheets of paper are glued together with a phaser to create a fluted image. To make bamboo, the paper is heated up to 170 ° C. The bamboo paper is printed on the sides of the bamboo by using a printing roll using heat-controlled glue. This creates a one-page website.

A single page network offers a single page and replaces it with many and many bases. To make multiple layers of paper, two cells of the same material are added to the material and the liner. In a double glue unit, glue is used to bond the sides of the rod to the outer liner. During this process, heat sealing is continued at a constant temperature to ensure melting and a strong bond.

After the double screen is removed, the melded board is pulled from the dryer, held and cut to the desired length.

Various box lengths are suitable for printing and making. They come in different logos, designs and colours depending on the type of board.

The first step includes examining the various elements of box-like flute size, burst strength, edge crush strength, flat crush strength, heaviness of cardboard, the weight of paper, etc.

Uses for plain corrugated boxes

Food Industry

The glue used is from water and starch, which helps avoid fresh fruits and vegetable contamination. It is also used in the food industry for their safety and resistance to bacterial infection and to keep food fresher for a longer time.You can also search corrugated boxes near me on google and find smartpackindustries fo packaging.


Corrugated paper box are the backbone of e-commerce. Plain box offer the type of security and safety the e-commerce industry wishes to have. Plain Corrugated boxes make possible the shipment of smaller quantities of materials and unusual destinations.You can check corrugated box price at smartpackindustries.


The plain carton box is in demand thanks to online shopping for textiles. Plain corrugated boxes are often used for  Online shopping, which has led to a rapid rise in boxes for the shipment of textiles. The boxes guarantee safe, reliable, and damage-free delivery. These corrugated boxes have become a significant part of the planning for meeting customer demands.


The auto parts come in various sizes and shapes. These parts are protected during shipment with the help of boxes. The choice of container-independent parts varied from nuts to carburetors.


Military shipments include several Mil-Spec regulations to be followed. The military provides a list of requirements along with descriptions of production methods. The shipment of military equipment needs sturdy packaging. Plain Carton Box is designed to withstand climate conditions like humidity, temperature changes, and wet environments.


The shipping of books and documents, magazines, and other printed materials has the major problem of weight, the printed material is very heavy. The plain corrugated boxes are designed to prevent moisture and withstand the weight of paper.

Various types of plain corrugated boxes

Now that you got an idea about the usage of plain boxes, let’s learn about their Corrugated box types. These Plain corrugated boxes are used in different industries according to their durability, protection level, and capacity to handle the weight.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are plain boxes and are the most common boxes in retail stores. The best example is cereal boxes at the stores.

The plates are there, printed and cut to fit on the trimmer, to fit the plates. This process can produce 90 boxes per minute.

Once the frame is properly made and cut, it is sent to the folding machine, which turns the box to the specified lines and applies glue to the joint parts to finish the box.

The whole process, from cutting the laminated boards to printing, installation, and creation.


Corrugated boxes or plain corrugated boxes are made to store things or ship various necessities across the world.we have a packaging industries in Vapi gujarat.

Plain corrugated  boxes ( Corrugated box online ) have multipurpose uses. They can be used for delivering various suitable things, they can be used as a garbage bin, they can be used as storage boxes, and many more uses and most commonly used in retail stores.

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