Heavy Duty Corrugated Box

Heavy duty corrugated boxes

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Heavy duty corrugated boxes are made from various materials, from paper to pulp. We are also made Laminated corrugated boxes at  smartpackindustries .They are made from thick paper material and are used to store products like industrial, military products, and automobile products. Heavy duty corrugated box manufacturers are made of many layers of materials depending on the items they need to carry. The three-layered corrugated boxes include an inside layer, outlined layer and a medium layer, these layers are important to contain materials even in harsh climatic conditions, shock and moisture. These boxes provide a higher level of assurance to all the products that are being shipped.

The process for making heavy duty corrugated boxes

This type of boxes are made from a renewable resource called trees. Corrugated packaging is the most recycled or recovered packaging material on the planet, and these are manufactured from trees and old recovered corrugated containers. Heavy duty corrugated boxes are specially made for transporting delicate things across the world.

When corrugated boxes are recycled, the old corrugated containers are sorted, dropped, and compacted for space-efficient storage. These boxes are transferred to a paper mill, broken down and inserted into a large blender.

These corrugated sheets or boxes are transformed into a slushy pulp of fiber and water, contaminants are remove and the rest of the fibres solutions are poured into a moving screen that allows the water to drain and forms a continuous fibre mat. The mat is pressed between rollers to remove additional water and shifted to the dryer for drying. After the whole process, the corrugated sheets are shipped to sheet feeders, where these are convert into corrugated boxes.

Benefits of heavy-duty corrugated Boxes:

Here are 8 benefits of corrugated boxes:

1. Maximum Protection

As the name suggests, heavy duty corrugated boxes are stronger than an average cardboard box that always serves as a cushion for valuable or fragile products they carry during shipping and handling. The heavy-duty corrugated box size may vary according to size and thickness. Heavy-duty Corrugated boxes are specially designed to keep moisture and bacteria away from the products during shipment.

2. Easy to Customize

This box packaging is very easy to customize. If any company wants to promote its brand, the corrugated manufacturers will design custom boxes according to personal business requirements.

3. Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Heavy duty corrugated boxes have cost Efficient and eco friendly. These boxes do not charge extra labour costs or any costly tools to manufacture the boxes. Apart from that boxes are very easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

4. Great For Branding

The Corrugated packaging material is free to customize that helps you promote the company’s branding and brand awareness. Custom branding is a proven way to impress the customers as it gives an impression of being more professional and means business. There is also an option to give your boxes a personal touch which will help you earn the loyalty and trust of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

5. Biodegradable

Heavy-duty Corrugated boxes are made from recycled material, making them eco-friendly and green packaging materials. These boxes are easy to recycle, re-purpose and dispose of because many manufacturers use beaches or dyes.

6. Light Weight

It’s better to opt for a lightweight corrugated box when transporting heavy materials, fragile or valuable things, as it will not increase the weight and shipping cost of the products. Thus Heavy duty corrugated boxes are strong and lightweight, making shopping easy for the shoppers. The company will not get extra charged for shipping with the help of lightweight corrugated boxes.

7. Offer Flexibility

Heavy duty corrugated boxes come in various sizes and are often available in single, double or triple-walled for more protection. Corrugated boxes are used to pack different products across the globe because they are the most flexible packaging options in the market today.


These corrugated boxes are made from trees and recycled the old corrugated boxes. The boxes are transformed from corrugated sheets into corrugated boxes through a whole machine process.

  • Printed Cartons
  • Auto lock Boxes
  • Partition corrugated boxes
  • Printed cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated shipper box
  • Half slot boxes
  • Die-cut boxes
  • Double-wall curated boxes
  • Interlocking boxes
  • Laminated duplex boxes

Heavy-duty corrugated boxes are used when there is a need to transport or ship products that are fragile, valuable, heavy, and bulky, like automobile parts, military weapons, and industrial parts. Heavy-duty packaging is designed to provide extra protection and care to valuable products during transportation.

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