Half Slotted Corrugated Box

Half Slotted Corrugated Box

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Half Slotted Corrugated Box is a standard shipping box with no lid for easy accessibility and presentation. These Plain Corrugated boxes serve added protection when placed inside other boxes and are often used to dispose of garbage.

Benefits of Half Slotted Corrugated Box

A half slotted corrugated box is the combination of a shipping box that is open to a self-storage unit.
A half slotted box means a box which has flaps on the inside and the top of the box remains open. The fill-in pads will be place between the inner flaps for the need for the bottom level.

Half slotted box are a highly versatile choice and are made of durable corrugated cardboard. These boxes can be made on order and cut in size based on specific requirements. This gives you a surplus choice to ensure suitable space for storing items or products. These corrugated boxes are environment-friendly and come in sizes of your choice.

Half Slotted Carton is used for :
• Electrical supplies
• Food packaging
• Beverage packaging
• telescope box
• convenient trash container.
• These are especially suitable when customers need to see a product from far away.

The half slotted corrugated boxes are different from Regular Slotted boxes. These boxes are used for travelling within short distances, metro areas, liquids, wine, local restaurants and groceries. These boxes are also called Telescope boxes. The telescope is comprised of at least two cylinders, with one tucked inside the other. Mainly customers choose telescope boxes comprised of two half Slotted containers.

Who Uses Half Slotted Containers ?

The uses for a Half slotted boxes are endless, and a few common industries use half slotted corrugated boxes. Every industry, from clothing to toys, uses half slotted corrugated boxes as dumping boxes near cash registers. These corrugated boxes can be decorated or printed with colourful designs. These half slotted corrugated boxes can be used to stock shelves with fruits and vegetables to prevent moisture damage.

Different types of corrugated boxes

A part from Half slotted corrugated boxes, there are several other types of corrugated boxes based on weight, handling, customisation, etc.
There are four types of corrugated box, they are:
• single-phase corrugated box.
• single wall corrugated tube.
• double-wall corrugated box.
• triple wall corrugated box.

Single-phase corrugated

Single phase-type corrugated boxes consist of a single flute and a linear board, and the flute is glued to the linear board, which makes it durable. These single phase corrugated boxes are used to wrap products or may be used for cushioning.

Single wall corrugated box

These types of corrugated boxes consist of one sheet of corrugated medium which is glued to the linear board. This type of corrugated box is used in bulk in retail industries as well as shipping boxes.

Double wallboard

These double-walled corrugated boxes consist of a two-layer corrugated medium or sheets glued between three layers of liner board. Hence, it makes the box more rigid and is used for heavy packaging or more delicate products, called heavy-duty corrugated boxes. This type of corrugated is widely used in the shipping of electronic products.

Triple wallboard

Triple wallboard is one of the strongest of all types of corrugated boxes, which consist of three layers of corrugated medium and four-layer liner board. These boxes can be used as Half slotted containers. Triple wall corrugated boxes are used in packaging industrial parts because they are durable and contain higher burst strength.

Styles of the corrugated box

Corrugated boxes come in different sizes and are used for various purposes. Below are the different styles of corrugated boxes.

Regular slotted Container (RSC)

Corrugated boxes come in different sizes and are used for various purposes. Below are the different styles of corrugated boxes.

Telescope type

These corrugated boxes provide extra thickness and protection from all four sides of the boxes and are used for packing fragile and delicate products.

Fold type & tray

These corrugated boxes are best used for packing food products and come mainly in two types. Glues tray and Self- locking Tray boxes and these boxes are the most customisable boxes.


These are the Half slotted corrugated boxes which are a type of corrugated boxes. These are used as garbage bins, promoting products, etc.

Half slotted corrugated boxes are used for keeping the telescope. These boxes may be of the same depth, or the one used as a lid may be only two-thirds of the depth of the box it needs to be covered.

Corrugated boxes are made from trees, and corrugated design is the process of matching design factors for corrugated fiberboard boxes with the functional physical, processing and end-use requirements. Packaging engineers work to meet the performance requirements of a box while controlling total costs throughout the system.

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