Die Cut Corrugated Box

Die cut boxes

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Die cut boxes are cut from corrugated materials plain sheets with the help of a machine called a die cutter. These boxes can be created to fit any type, size, and shape available at smartpackindustries . These boxes are put together with no requirement of packing tape and are strong enough for various types of packaging.

These die cut corrugated boxes come in varying lengths, colours, widths, and heights and are an ideal option for postal campaigns that properly feature every packed product. You can buy die cut boxes at our website. Die cut boxes are create so that they can be adjust in any corrugated box and can be designed to fit any shape, size, or need according to the customers preference. Die cut boxes are formed or cut by a machine known as dying press cutters from plain sheets of corrugated material.

Die cut boxes are the creation of engineers or design specialists, when the die press is set, the cardboard is ready to be cut. The cardboard box is customize after the boxes are cut by adding graphics, product information, warnings, company logos, or attractive branding. These boxes are manufactured with the use of raw materials. Dexterous professionals use sophisticated machines for the production of these boxes. These boxes are perfect for packaging crockery sets during shipment or transporting because these boxes are made to prevent breakage.

These corrugated boxes can be further customize by adding special graphics consisting of warnings, information, and company logos. The die-cut corrugated boxes are the best option for e-commerce products. They are easy to pack, assemble, and look attractive, perfect for various packaging purposes.

The die cut corrugated box offers a professional appearance. It provides a high level of transit protection and makes them suitable for industrial packaging. The boxes possess access holes or perforated lines, which may be bought in customized finishes, sizes, designs, and prints. These boxes are ideal for packaging and avoid breakage during shipping. Check die cut boxes wholesale at smartpackindustries , custom die cut boxes, White die cut boxes, black die cut boxes, Paper Box Die Cut.

Features of Die cut box

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides high strength
  • Is moisture resistant
  • Impactful Box
  • Entirely recyclable and pure.
  • The environment is friendly and sustainable.
  • It is a 5 ply box.
  • Durable corrugated box. 
  • Offers dimensional accuracy.

Benefits of die cut boxes

Die cut packaging are also known as punching boxes. These Die cut boxes can be done on automatic punching and the manual punching machine. These die-cut punching boxes are made of wood and a blade for creasing and cutting.

The benefit of the die cut boxes

  • Die-cut finishing is too sharp.
  • No scrap remains at the edge.
  • Creasing of the box is best that allows any fold from the area we want.
  • It can be use in fruit boxes like mango, chilli, Chikko, Anar, and capsicum.
  • Used for food packaging.
  • Used for electronics packaging.
  • These boxes are very easy to hold, ship and use.
  • It is consumer Centric ergonomics.
  • The boxes are high strength.
  • Due to cut, corrugated boxes are lightweight.
  • The due cut boxes are impactful and have moisture Resistant features.
  • These boxes contain Dimensional Accuracy.

Styles of corrugated box

Corrugated boxes come in different sizes and are use for various purposes. Below are the different styles of corrugated boxes.

Regular slotted Container (RSC)

Various industries use a regular slotted container (RSC). The box has four flaps on both sides of the box and is use for closing the container.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)

Full Overlap Container is similar to RSC expect that the outer flap set covers the full width of the container. These corrugated boxes have an extra thickness on top and bottom for extra protection.

Half Slotted type

Half slotted types is similar to regular slotted corrugated boxes. These boxes only have an opening on one side, which helps protect the product during the shipment process.

Telescope type

These corrugated boxes provide extra thickness and protection from all four sides of the boxes and are used for packing fragile and delicate products.

Fold type & tray

These die cut carboard are best used for packing food products and come mainly in two types, ie. Glues tray and Self- locking Tray boxes and these boxes are the most customizable boxes.


It is a type of box cut from sheets of single wall corrugated box through a cutting machine and is very strong for varying packaging uses.

These boxes are manufactured using varying types of rubber and foam pieces. The boxes are manufactured for transporting goods am products across the world. The corrugated boxes seem efficient and secure in transportation.

All types of corrugated boxes are good. They depend on the packaging of goods and products. For example, die cut boxes are used for display purposes, and packaging boxes are use for packaging products.

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