Customised Corrugated Box

Customised Corrugated Box

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Corrugated boxes use a sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets which are highly durable. These properties make corrugated boxes for heavy-duty packaging and protection.You can use Laminated Corrugated Paper Box , Half Slotted Corrugated Box,Heavy duty corrugated boxes also.

Customised Corrugated Box Packaging Material

Offset Print

This type of printing includes the utilization of a printing plate and rubber blanket that transfers designs on paper and is the best option for large runs.

Digital Print

This type of printing does not require a printing plate. Designs are transferred electronically which makes it cost-effective for small runs.

UV Print

This printing is a Fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet lights that cure inks which results in a gloss finish on the corrugated boxes.

Water-based Ink

This ink is 100% eco-friendly ink and is comprised of water and pigment that provides a high-quality colour output on the corrugated boxes but is not suitable for food packaging.

Soy / Vegetable Ink

This ink is suitable for food packaging and is 100% eco-friendly ink comprised of soy and vegetable oil and pigment that provides a high-quality colour output on corrugated boxes.

Oil Base Ink

The corrugated boxes are printed with Non-eco-friendly ink comprised of oil and pigment that provides high-quality color output.

Pantone Metallic

The metallic colour is based on specific ink formulas That consistently and precisely print colour on the corrugated boxes.

Aqueous Coating

The corrugated boxes are printed with a Clear, fast-drying, water-based, and eco-friendly coating which is also available in gloss or matte finish.

Spot Gloss UV

UV coating is applied to a specified area and cured using ultraviolet light on the corrugated boxes.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft to the touch coating that creates a velvety texture for a more tactile appeal on the corrugated boxes.


Clear coating is applied using the CMYK printing method which is available in gloss, satin, or matte and gives a shine to corrugated boxes.


Laminated protective film that adheres to the surface of packaging correlated boxes to maximize durability.

Anti-scratch Lamination

Laminated BOPP film that is scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistant is used in corrugated boxes which is also a Cost-effective option.

Benefits of Customized corrugated materials:

Breathtaking corrugated packaging

Customised Corrugated Box have high-grade materials that will maximise the stability of the structure even in different shapes, sizes or colours.

Committed to quality cardboard boxes

Corrugated boxes have a quality control management system to ensure the customer’s needs.

Customization tailored for your success

The customization of corrugated boxes needs to reflect the quality and tone of the brand which includes quality printing methods, coating methods, coating opportunities, and additional processes.

Various types of corrugated boxes:

Customization is done on various types of corrugated boxes, let’s learn about their types. There are varieties of corrugate boxes used in different sectors of industries according to their durability, protection level, and capacity of handling the weight.Corrugated fiberboard is the one type of box.

There are four types of corrugated box, they are:

  • Single-phase corrugated box,
  • single wall corrugated box,
  • double-wall corrugated box,
  • triple wall corrugated box.
Single-phase corrugated

Single phase-type of corrugated boxes are consists of a single flute and linear board. These boxes are durable because the flute is glued to the linear board.  Single-phase corrugated are usually sold in the form of sheet rolls. These single phase corrugated boxes are used to wrap products or may be used for cushioning.

Single wall corrugated box

These types of corrugated boxes consist of one sheet of corrugated medium which is glued to the linear board. This type of corrugated box is used in bulk in retail industries as well as shipping boxes.

Double wallboard

These types of Double-walled corrugated boxes consist of a two-layer of corrugated medium or sheets which are glued to the linear board. Hence, it makes the box more rigid and is used for packaging heavy products or products which are more delicate, which can be called heavy-duty corrugated boxes. This type of corrugated is widely used in the shipping of electronic products.

Triple wallboard

Triple wallboard is one of the strongest of all types of corrugated boxes which consist of three layers of corrugated medium and four-layer linear board. Triple wall corrugated boxes are used in the packaging of industrial parts because they are very durable and contain higher burst strength.

Styles of corrugated box:

Customised Corrugated Boxcome in different sizes and are used for various purposes. Below are the different styles of corrugated boxes.

Half Slotted type

Half slotted types are similar to regular slotted corrugated boxes. These boxes have openings on one side only which helps in protecting the product during the shipment process.

Telescope type

These corrugated boxes provide extra thickness and protection from all four sides of the boxes and are used for packing fragile and delicate products.

Fold type & tray

These corrugated boxes are best used for packing food products and come mainly in two types ie. Glues tray and Self- locking Tray boxes and these boxes are the most customizable boxes.


Corrugated boxes are developed according to the needs of customers. These products come in various sizes, designs, shapes, and closures. Customised corrugated boxes are environment-friendly and are comfortable to use. These are made from recycled material, renewable or sustainable resources are biodegradable or reusable. 

Some companies need to promote their products or brands. Thus shipping with customised corrugated boxes gives you free promotion.

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