Printed Cardboard Boxes

Printed Cardboard Boxes

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Printed cardboard boxes

At present, it’s not just the value of the product inside the package but also the outer covers of the packaging. When printed, the cardboard boxes used for packing certain things influence the customer experience. Companies using printed cardboard boxes with their logo or relevant designs will encourage customers to buy more products and leave a better impression of your brand. Cardboard can be printed and coloured in various patterns. You can also search for custom printed cardboard boxes , Printed Shipping Boxes , Printed Corrugated Boxes , and Branded Cardboard Boxes.

The use of recycled paper has seen significant growth in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods markets. Printed cardboard boxes India has seen a growth rate of 12% in recent years and is expected to grow rapidly due to investment. FDI Print Week showcases the best corrugators in the country.

What is cardboard?

Cardboard boxes are manufactured in industries by fibres and are widely used for packaging products. Materials used in a cardboard can be recycled, and Cardboard is made from different materials.

Cardboard includes various heavy paper-like materials, corrugated Cardboard, and paperboard. Cardboards vary based on locale, contents, construction and personal choice.

Cardboard division of paper-based packaging materials

It can be easily cut and shaped, light and strong; Boxing is popular in many industries. Pulp (virgin or treated) is used to make one or more plates that can be joined together to have a better surface and/or texture.

Paper is a simple but strong material, and it can be cut and shaped to create shapes and structures, and these features make them ideal for use in individual packages.

Paper and board are simple materials used in packaged foods. Printed cardboard packaging, e.g., on parchment paper or a grocery bag. The box is still in use. Wet and dry food, dry food, and fast food.

Printing on cardboard

The print quality of ink on Cardboard is lower than usual compared to other labels printing as Cardboard is very absorbent. Large characters inkjet printers also achieve a high printing resolution in warehouse logistics, picking or quality assurance, and are ideal for coding tasks.

The best technology for printing

There are various types of technology used in printing on Cardboard. The most advanced printing style is litho laminated graphic printing. Litho lamination printing on cardboard boxes is the most economical way to produce bulk packaging boxes with the best looks and quality.

This litho lamination printing is based on corrugated boxes and cartons, which will be used for bulk packaging of items which is a good idea for branding and styling looks. Another method to use litho laminated printing on Cardboard is to use two plates, one with a rough texture and water absorbent and the other plate will contain oil-based ink.

These plates are passed through rubber rollers, then the water will get absorbed, and oil-based ink gets extracted which gets transferred to the printing cardboard. So in the above method, Cardboard cannot receive direct litho prints because the ink won’t correctly stain the surface, but the papers will easily catch the lithographic print. Thus the litho laminated method is the best method for printing on Cardboard.

Benefits of choosing a printed cardboard boxes

The standard paper bag has become integral to modern branding, messaging, and consumer communication. There is a lot of benefit to moving your ecommerce business read all here.

Brand Reinforcement

When customers receive a package from your company, they need to know immediately who it is and who they want to open it with. They need to create excitement about the arrival of their new product, and a cardboard box can do just that.

Traveling individually with your bags, you can proudly display your logo, colors, or pattern on each box. Once your brand is known and recognized, your customers should see your image or color scheme and be reminded of you and your products.

Fully Customisable

When you choose custom packaging, you choose something completely customized and fits your brand and product. Differentiate your product from the competition visually, visually, and strategically.

Cardboard is a useful form of custom design as it is very flexible and can be folded, printed, glued, or cut into any size or shape that works for your product. Custom packaging options are endless, and a product packaging company can create the perfect packaging and support for your business.

Why is a printed cardboard boxes best?

There are various printing options available in cardboard boxes like digital, litho and flexor printing options for any custom cardboard boxes.

  • There are varieties of Printed Cardboard available like regular slotted cartons, RSCs, Mailer Box, C-series packages, or end-loading boxes.
  • Cardboard is considered to be green material or an eco-friendly material.


The benefits of printing cardboard paper boxes are:

  • Cardboard packaging
  • Quality cardboard boxes
  • Customization of cardboard for companies or products.

Cardboard boxes are developed according to the needs of customers. These products come in various sizes, designs, shapes and closures. Any method or logo can be printed on cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly and are comfortable to use. These are made from recycled material, renewable or sustainable resources are biodegradable or reusable. 


Cardboard and other paper products are easy to print, label, or draw. Printing on the recycled card is no problem.

Anonymous Hardboard: A hard or thin board box with a smooth surface used during construction. The soft side is designed for printing on paper or paper cards or for printing on a printer.

Digital card printing involves applying ink directly to the substrate instead of sending the image through a printing plate. This is done with a digital printer that can use a line printer.

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