Waterproof Boxes

Waterproof box

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Waterproof box are made from several other boxes or papers used to package goods and materials. Materials used in a cardboard can be recycled. Cardboard is made from different materials. Cardboard includes various heavy paper-like materials, corrugated cardboard, laminated corrugated boxes and paperboard. It was produced after complaints with the contents, construction, and personal choice of the customer.

Waterproof cardboard is water resistant to grease, oil and moisture. This is suitable for producing industrial oil goods and producing liquid packaging materials for raw and oily foods such as fish (FSA-approved compound food).

Laminated paper boxes are made from recycled paper and treated with a PE layer on one or both sides. Due to the UV coating, this material boxes or containers are not resistant to water and oil.

Waterproof boxes, among other uses, can store items that need to be stored in humid places, outside or in indoor refrigerators, freezers, cold storage and other suitable places. We provide a waterproof box with PE laminate on both sides to isolate the images from the ambient temperature.

Cardboard paper-based packaging materials


Paper is a thin material used for writing, printing, and packaging. These papers are created by pressing together the moist fibers and cellulose pulp, and the last step is to dry them into flexible sheets.


Paperboard is thicker than paper and can be single or multiple.

Corrugated fibreboard:

The fibreboard is a combined player-based material that consists of five materials and liner boards.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are used in the shipping and transporting industries. You should always choose the correct corrugated boxes for your business and the transportation of the products. Corrugated boxes are used for multipurpose across various industries like the food industry, clothing industry, and others. As we know, Corrugated boxes are made from sheets of corrugated cardboard. The cardboard is trimmed, scored, and folded to create cartons of all shapes and sizes before making them into cardboard boxes. Glue is used on corners for greater stability of the corrugated boxes.

Most of the deliveries of products you receive from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are packed and delivered in Plain corrugated boxes. Plain corrugated boxes are made with eco-friendly materials so that these boxes do not add a pollutant to the environment.

These plain corrugated boxes are created with simple methods which make them lightweight. These cardboard box packaging can be used as plain boxes or display boxes styled with different patterns according to the customer’s preference. These Plain corrugated boxes are available in various sizes and types and are mostly used in the retail industry and stationery packaging.

How corrugated boxes are made?

Any liquid that is not absorbed will make large areas of paper plates. Paint or glue may work, but paint is expensive. There are many water-based paints (acrylic, enamel, off-the-shelf). Pages become more difficult.

The best way to prevent moisture from the top of the box is to apply a suitable tile with a protective varnish when it dries. Hold the marble about six inches from the top of the box, then apply a thin but strong coat of glue to the marble on the box until dry.

To make an overflow box, we need to know the size and type of product to put in the box or the size of the box to use.

Waterproof cardboard packaging, we always encourage professional testing of the samples we provide under real-world use cases that demonstrate packaging processes, storage areas, transport routes and monitoring.

The corrugated boxes are made after examining various elements of box-like flute size, burst strength, flat crush strength, and heaviness of cardboard. These boxes are designed by professionals and created by engineers to determine the capacity of the box to hold the products.

What is the waterproof box?

A waterproof box ensures the protection of any environment’s internal electrical and electronic components. Water or roof boxes come in multiple sizes and styles. We also made a waterproof electrical and waterproof switch box at smartpackindustries Vapi.

The waterproof box is generally used to pack electrical components. These boxes come with watertight gaskets and sealed enclosures that guarantee to keep the electrical equipment safe in wet conditions.
This box mow is available in steel, plastic, and aluminium. They are most commonly used in alternative energy, agriculture, oil and gas, food and beverages, marine, etc.

It is often used for writing and junction box applications. These boxes are created for outdoor use and protect against rain, snow, and sleet. The waterproof board can be printed with water-based Flexographic inks and can be used as a spectrum coat coloured or other pre-printed board for enhanced visual appearance.

It is the best alternative to waxed cardboard boxes. This cardboard offers resistance to oil, grease, and moisture. Thus waterproof cardboard boxes are perfect for creating moisture-resistant cardboard boxes for food industries. These boxes are recyclable and help to minimize disposal costs. It increases sales and has a direct positive impact on the brand.

Uses of the waterproof box

These containers are ideal for moist and oily foods like fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and meat.
• These waterproof boxes are used for moving greasy automotive and industrial components.
• This type of box eliminates secondary packaging like bags and films.
• Waterproof boxes are used for multipurpose.
• They are used as an alternative for corrugated cartons.
• Waterproof boxes store frozen products or ready to cook foods.

Benefits of the waterproof box

These boxes are cost-efficient and shorten the packing time.
• It improves productivity.
• Waterproof boxes offer a high level of protection to the packaged contents.
• These boxes enhance durability and lifespan.
• Fully biodegradable and ensures minimal disposal costs.
• Safe to handle
• Easily converted on standard machinery.


Waterproof boxes are generally used to pack electrical appliances to provide safety and security in the rain, snow, or extreme weather conditions.

Cardboard boxes are industrially fabricated and primarily used for packaging goods and materials. Materials used in a cardboard can be recycled. Cardboard is made from different materials.

Is cardboard liquid? Although the material is completely waterproof, the Liquiguard coating may not be waterproof.

A quick and easy way to tape a box is to use a hand-held machine to tape the roll to the box and help reduce tape waste. For added protection and to keep all boxes in a safe place, use the “H” style of lock used by many moving companies.

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