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E flute box

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E flute box dominate shipping industries. As a business owner, choose the correct corrugated box for your business and the transportation of your products. These boxes are used for multipurpose across the food industry, clothing industry and others. Corrugated boxes are trimmed and folded to create cartons of different shapes and sizes, and these boxes are made from sheets of corrugated cardboard.

E flute has an amazing 94 flutes per foot, the highest quality bamboo we offer offers excellent breakability and a flat surface with high-quality printing.

The E flute is 25% narrow flute thickness than the C flute, allowing for reduced box size and storage. The combination of sealing and thinness means that the E-tube can replace traditional cardboard or rigid fibreboard box.

E-Flute is a multipurpose box, tin box, eco-friendly, high-quality photo printing, die box and retail/tin box, cosmetic/ceramic / pizza box, suitable for more than 90 flutes.

Glue is use on corners for greater stability. Most of the deliveries of products you receive from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are packed in Plain corrugated boxes or  Duplex Boxes . Plain corrugated boxes are eco-friendly and can be used again, making them environment-friendly and less paper waste in the surroundings. These e flute box are made with simple methods and are very lightweight. According to the customer’s preference, these corrected boxes can be used as plain or customized with different patterns. These Plain corrugated boxes come in various sizes and types and are mostly preferred by the retail industry, stationery packaging.

How is the e flute box made?

The first step includes examining the various elements of box-like flute size, burst strength, edge crush strength, flat crush strength, heaviness of cardboard, the weight of paper, etc. These boxes are designed and engineered to determine what and how much they can hold along with their strength.

Types of e flute box

Corrugated boxes are available in various sizes and grades for use in various applications. But generally, the larger the flute (profiles A & B), the greater the strength and damping. Flutes (D&E profiles) are suitable for printing and wrapping small sizes.

1. A-Flute – This is the basis of folding boxes. Up to 36 screws per foot can be used for multiple walls or large bad houses.

2. B-Flute – Used primarily for reaching, rod B provides the second largest arch width at approximately 49 rods per foot. Due to its excellent adhesion and resistance, other popular applications include packaging, store displays, POP (point of purchase) displays, shrink wrap packaging, and specialty product packaging.

3. C-Flute –As a target flute, the C flute averages 41 per foot and offers excellent distribution, handling and impact characteristics. Other popular packaging options include cardboard boxes, bulk shipping, and folding box displays.

4. E-Flute – E-Flute is the most commonly used bamboo. E-Flute is a different instrument compared to flats based on green circles. At 90 feet per foot, it can be used to print vertical print images higher than its counterparts. Popular applications include shopping, printed plastic, POP, and convenience bags.

5. F-Flute – This is thin and strong. With 128 flutes per foot, the F flute offers great sound and a solid handling package. Standard printed, laminated, sales, and POP displays are commonly used.

Single-phase corrugated

Single phase-type corrugated boxes have a single flute and sheets of linear board. For durability, the flute is attached to a linear board. These single phases are often sold as sheet rolls and are used to wrap products and cushion.

Single wall corrugated box

Single wall corrugated boxes often consist of one sheet placed between two sheets of liners board. These boxes are used in the retail industries and shipping industries.

Double wallboard

Double-wall corrugated boxes have corrugated sheets attached between three layers of the linear board, and this makes the box more rigid and perfect for heavy packaging and delicate products. Double-walled boxes are often called heavy-duty boxes and are preferred in the packaging of electronic devices.

Triple wallboard

The triple wallboard is considered the strongest among all the corrugated boxes. As the name suggests, the box is covered with a four-layers linear board and is prepared with industrial packaging because it consists of higher burst strength.

E Flute

• Corrugated cardboard is a wave-shaped structure you may have seen in some cardboard boxes. This wavy structure provides the boxes with the strength required for packaging. These flutes help in stacking and provide insulation to protect the packaged contents.
• E flute box has various sizes and shapes which range in thickness, strength and resistance to allow any freight or display related product.
• E-flute is easiest to print because of its flat surface. These flutes are very thin and are most commonly used by small box manufacturers. Examples: cosmetic boxes and skincare boxes.

E Flute Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

E Flute Corrugated Cardboard is a fluted corrugated cardboard sheet of one or two flat liner boards based on paper. These E flutes are used for manufacturing corrugated boxes and shipping packaging.

Profile of E flute

E flute is 94 flutes per foot for better crush resistance and provides the flattest surface for high-quality printing. E flute is used for conventional folding cartons or solid fibre containers because of its cushioning and slimness.

Benefits of e flute box

  • Less warehouse space than C flute and B flute.
  • Saves some extra space in the box blank storage space over the B flute.
  • E flute is a perfect substitute for slip sheets, chipboards and SBS.

E flute applications include

  • Glass Packing
  • Ceramic items Packing
  • Delicate instruments packing
  •  Medical Packing
  • Pharmaceutical Packing
  • Cosmetics Packing
  • Liquor Packing
  • Frozen food Packing
  • Window corners packaging
  • Partitions pickings
  • High graphic packaging
  • Pet supplies Packaging


Cardboards are made according to the preference of the customers. If a customer needs E-flute cardboard, it will be the best option because e flute space more space than C flute cardboard boxes.

e flute box is used for multipurpose across the food industry, clothing industry and others. Corrugated boxes are created from sheets of corrugated cardboard for durability purposes.

It is often used to display merchandise such as pizza boxes, newspapers, glassware, ceramics and jewelry.

In general, larger profiles such as the A & B profile provide control and damping, while smaller profiles such as D & E provide better compression and ease.

This is a widely used tool. As a target flute, the C flute averages 41 per foot and offers excellent distribution, handling and impact characteristics. Other popular packaging options include cardboard boxes, bulk shipping, and folding box displays.

E-flute is suitable for high-pressure printing up to 1/16″ thick and mainly used for embassies and special displays such as beer and wine bottles. The F-flute is only half the thickness of the E-flute, making it our lightest metal choice.

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