Duplex Boxes

duplex boxes

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A Duplex boxes or duplex board is made from cardboard and is also known as a grey board due to its double side grey colour painted on the box. This box consists of two layers, and thus it is called a duplex box. These glossy boxes are best for printing designs on the box. It may be made from pure wood pulp and bleach liner on one side. Smartpackindustries manufactures all kinds of box for packaging.

It’s a time of innovation and simplicity, so we look for simple and practical things for every need. Therefore, the Duplex segment has increased due to its simple and innovative design and daily functionality. Whether cardboard or paper, a duplex board is one of the most difficult materials to use daily.
The outer side of the article is wet and painted, but the unpainted duplex board is large enough to make the finish. In contrast to the old layer, the second layer is strong, light, and can take a grey tint.

This type of box used to create boxes for various goods, either small or big, along with high-quality printing, which is perfect for food packaging. The coated duplex box are tough and thin and more water-resistant than kraft paper. The boxes can be covered in different designs and colours, which is cost-effective. These boxes are very easy to store and thus used by many industries for display purposes. The corrugated boxes are very durable and reliable, and the same can be said for duplex boxes.

Structure of Duplex Boards

The Duplex board is made of 100% wood with a white face on one side. Duplex board, also known as Gray back or White back duplex board, is a double-sided grey or white paper. Because it has two layers or layers, it is called a duplex layer.
The duplex board is coated with a clear coat on one side for better printing. Depending on the application, Duplex Board is coated with heavy or very heavy for heavy duty and lightweight for light duty.
The boundaries of the papers are delicately set with recycled pulp, recycled papers and natural inks. The rigid nature of the duplex coated paper makes it difficult and cumbersome to handle.

Two Kinds of Duplex Board

A coated duplex board is sturdy and thin with water-resistant features and is often used to make boxes for varieties of small goods and products that require high-quality printing. The best example of this is Agarbatti boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, paper plates, cigarette packs, juice boxes, and other small packaging products.

The duplex box is made from lightweight materials and is mostly used for making matchboxes, book covers and greeting cards in bulk. These box are created from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Types of Duplex Boxes

There are three types of duplex paper boxes:

  1. Double Side Gray Board Duplex Paper boxes
  2.  Single Side Coated Duplex Paper boxes
  3. Two-sided White Back Duplex Paper boxes

Uses of Duplex Box

This box is very rigid, durable, and straight compared to other kinds of boxes and is mainly used to make luxury rigid gift boxes like rigid shoe boxes, garment boxes and toy packing. These box strongly support the box die-cutting process and laminating hot stamps in the paper industries.

The simple duplex boxes are often wrapped with art paper or special paper that helps build rigid boxes with fantastic artwork printing. This box are made from 100% recycled paper and are eco-friendly, and the food industry uses this type of box made from waste paper and not from recycled paper.

Duplex boxes are ideal for

  • Ice Cream packaging boxes.
  • Cookie packaging boxes
  • Cake boxes.
  • Electronic packaging boxes.
  • Automobiles box.
  • Toothpaste box.
  • Fast-food boxes.
  • Beverage carriers

These duplex box are available as printed duplex corrugated boxes, and printing can be added with various visual effects on this. These are available with the finest abilities and are most commonly used for packaging, food and beverages, textile and other products. These box are available in several prints, which give an attractive look and are utilized for shopping and give high storage capacity, lightweight and compact size.

It  is a made from corrugated paper or kraft paper and sometimes coated paper. The manufacturers choose the this box because of their shock absorption, high strength and tear resistance. Multiple features of the duplex box ensure the longer shelf life of the box, smooth texture and fine finishing, moisture-proof ability and compact design.

Benefits of Duplex Boxes

The duplex box is lightweight

• The Duplex box are easy to carry

• This box are recyclable and reusable

• This type of box is low in cost. 

• This all are box made to use as packaging.

• The Duplex Boxes are Multipurpose and used in many industries

• It is the best in transportation packaging of products.


Corrugated duplex boxes are developed according to the needs of customers. These products come in various sizes, designs, shapes and closures. Duplex corrugated boxes are environment friendly and are comfortable to use. These are made from recycled material, renewable or sustainable resources are biodegradable or reusable.  

These Duplex boxes are used by many companies like matchboxes and shoe boxes. Thus shipping with Duplex corrugated boxes gives you a free promotion, and it’s mostly used in bakeries and food industries. 

It is often used to make boxes for various small items. It is used in manufacturing cigarette boxes and bags, paper plates and cups, and the food processing industry.

These are used for water machines and can be stored in water tanks. It can be glue. This type of cardboard is used in the food industry and does not use recycled cardboard in its production.

Duplex printing allows you to print both sides of the paper with your printer after printing the first side. The model should print a copy.

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