White Duplex Boxes

white duplex box

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A Duplex Box or white duplex box is created from paperboard or cardboard and is also known as greyboard due to its double side grey colour on the box. This box consists of two layers with white colour, and thus it is called a white duplex box. The exterior side of the box may be coated with bright white colour, which gives the duplex box a glossy shine.

These duplex boxes are used to connect electrical appliances, cars and boxes. In addition, other fixed goods such as ready meals, toothpaste, books and exhibits, beverages, glass pipes and video cassette boxes are included. This box is the best in the market for perfection and power.

These glossy boxes are best for printing designs on the box, for example, to create designs of cakes and pastries for bakeries. This box type may be made from pure wood pulp and bleach liner on one side of the box. These boxes are used for a variety of small goods along with high-quality printing and are perfect for food packaging.

The white duplex boxes coated with white color are tough and thin and more water-resistant than kraft paper. These duplex boxes are very easy to fold and are available in various sizes, designs, and colors, and it’s a cost-effective solution. It is easy to store and thus used by many industries for display purposes. The white boxes are very durable and reliable, and the same can be said for duplex boxes.

Features of white duplex box

A coated duplex box with white colour is sturdy and thin with more water-resistant features and is customarily used to make boxes for varieties of small goods that require high-quality printing. The usage of boxes is Agarbatti boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, paper plates, cigarette packs, bulb packaging, statues, and showpiece packaging.

Another feature of this box is its lightweight and thus, most commonly used for making matchboxes, book covers, and greeting cards. These duplex boxes are made from recycled materials and are eco-friendly.

Duplex Carton Box has various features due to its special functionality, which makes it suitable for use in many industries.

Moisture Resistant: – Duplex board must be waterproof. Duplex Board Paper coating provides high gloss and outstanding waterproof appearance, while Duplex Board Paper coating provides moisture and particle resistance.

Anti-curl: – Specially designed for packaging, Duplex boards have anti-curl properties that prevent the board from curling, making it ideal for product storage or transportation.

Rigidness: – Duplex cards are stable and organized due to their multi-layer structure, which makes them suitable for printing different types of materials without worrying about printing strength.

Resistance to folding: –Duplex sheets can be made to fit any shape or form, but they can resist folding, making them suitable for folding and packaging.

Duplex Printing: –Duplex boards are covered in cost and usage. Because they are similar, their use is not limited to communication and can be widely used in other fields.

Smooth Finishing supports all types of printing: – The printing and uniformity of Duplex cards make them suitable for any printing, be it offset, inkjet or laser printing.

Types of duplex boxes

There are three types of duplex boxes:
• Double Side Gray Board Duplex Paperboard
• Single Side Coated Duplex Paperboard
• White Back Duplex Paperboard (Two sides coated)

Uses of white duplex boxes

This box is rigid, durable, and light-weighted. These boxes are also used to make luxury wooden gift boxes like shoe boxes, garment boxes, and toy packing. These white duplex boxes become a strong support for the box die-cutting process and laminating hot stamps. Wine and liquor are also packed in duplex boxes.

It is often covered with art paper and specialty paper to build rigid boxes with fantastic artwork printing on the box. But White Duplexes need wrapping or coating because they are already coated with white colour and seem very simple. White Duplex boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and are enviro-friendly. The food industry uses duplex boxes made from waste paper and not from recycled paper.

White duplex boxes are ideal for

• Ice Cream packaging boxes
• Cookie packaging boxes
• Cake boxes
• Electronic parts packaging boxes
• Automobiles parts packaging
• Toothpaste packaging
• Fast-food packaging
• Beverage packaging
• Toy packaging
• Showpiece packaging

These boxes are available as printed duplex corrugated boxes. Printing can be added to the white duplex boxes with various visual effects. These white duplex boxes are available with the finest abilities and are most commonly used for packaging, food and beverages, textile, and other products. It’s available in several prints, which give an attractive look and are utilized for shopping and provide high storage capacity, lightweight, and compact size. White Duplex Box is made from corrugated paper, kraft, and coated paper.

Benefits of duplex boxes

• The duplex box is lightweight
• It is easy to carry
• You can use recyclable and reusable
• The Duplex boxes are Low in cost.
• This type of box is fine to use as packaging.
• It is a Multipurpose and used in many industries
• The Duplex Boxes are best in transportation packaging of products.


Corrugated duplex boxes are developed according to the needs of customers. These duplex boxes come in various sizes, designs, shapes, and closures. White Duplex corrugated boxes are environment friendly and are comfortable to use. These are made from recycled material, renewable or sustainable resources are biodegradable or reusable. The white duplex boxes are the same as duplex boxes, just different in colour.

These white Duplex boxes are used by many companies like matchboxes and shoe boxes. Thus shipping with Duplex corrugated boxes gives you a free promotion, and it’s mostly used in bakeries and food industries. The white duplex is very simple and is most commonly used for showpiece packaging and luxurious items packaging

The cardboard is strong and thick. It should shrink more than average and be resistant to moisture. Unlike cardboard, it is not hard and soft.

Standard four-band boxes, also known as “single-band” or “single-band” boxes, are commonly used for light switches and door boxes. They are 2 x 3 inches and 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches deep.

Slave boxes are boxes with a lid on top of a base and are held in place by stock slaves. Some options leave a small gap between the lid and the base, making it easier to open the box; It’s also interesting the strong colour contrast it provides.

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