Corrugated Packaging Box

Corrugated packaging boxes

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Corrugated packaging boxes are manufactured using several materials. They can be made from thick paper stock and used to make products of small containers, packaging, structural support for less rigid items like notepads, clothing items, and more.Corrugated  boxes are made of many layers of materials depending on the items they need to carry. The three-layer corrugated boxes include an inside, outlined, and medium layer.

A corrugated packaging box uses a resident material and is very lightweight. The corrugated boxes remain intact even in sudden temperature changes, shocks, and moisture. These boxes provide a higher level of assurance to all the products that are being shipped.

The Process for MakingCorrugated packaging boxes

Corrugated boxes are manufactured in industries from trees, trees are eco-friendly corrugated packaging in demand because they use recycled material in their manufacturing process. Old corrugated boxes are sorted, dropped, and compacted, which makes them easy to store. These power boxes are sent to a paper mill to make pulp from them. The corrugated box pulp is changed into fibers to produce another set of new corrugated boxes. The mat is pressed between rollers that remove water and sent for drying. The final result of corrugated sheets is that sheet feeder that gets converted into corrugated boxes.

The Construction of Corrugated Box

Several factors make the construction of corrugated boxes easy.

Flute Profiles

The flute size of the corrugated box determines the thickness of the box’s walls, and flute profiles also decide the sticking strength.

Board Types

The most common corrugated boxes are single wall and double wallboards. The corrugated packaging boxes are sold based on the materials they used, for example, the single face board is made of thin sheets and sold in rolls and is used to wrap products for protection and cushioning.

Single-wall board is used in the market and can be used for shipping boxes and retail displays.

Double-wall is used for heavier products that require a strong box for shipping.

The triple wall is used to deliver industrial parts as it is the strongest of all corrugated boxes.

Various types of corrugated boxes

Now that you know about corrugated boxes’ usage, let’s learn about their types. Corrugated packaging boxes are used in different industries based on their capacity and durability to keep the product safe and secure during shipment.

There are four types of corrugated box, they are:

  • Single-phase corrugated box.
  • Single wall corrugated box,
  • Double-wall corrugated box,
  • Triple wall corrugated box.
Single-phase corrugated

Single phase-type of corrugated boxes are consists of a single flute and one or two sheets of linear board. The flute is glued to the linear board, which makes it durable. Single-phase corrugated are usually sold in the form of sheet rolls. These single phase corrugated boxes are used to wrap products or may be used for cushioning.

Single wall corrugated box

These types of corrugated boxes consist of one sheet of corrugated medium, which is glued and placed between two sheets of liner board. This corrugated box is used in bulk in retail and shipping industries.

Double wallboard

These types of Dubble walled corrugated boxes consist of a two-layer corrugated medium or sheets glued between three layers of liner board. Hence, it makes the box more rigid and is used for heavy packaging or more delicate products, called heavy-duty corrugated boxes. This corrugated is widely used in the shipping of electronic products.

Triple wallboard

Triple wallboard is one of the strongest corrugated boxes, consisting of three layers of corrugated medium and four-layer liner board. Triple wall corrugated boxes are used in packaging industrial parts because they are durable and contain higher burst strength.

Benefits of Corrugated packaging boxes

  • Customization
  • Corrugated packaging boxes are extremely versatile because of their ability to be customised.
  • Benefits of customization:
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Cost Efficiency


The different types of corrugated boxes are:

  • Printed Cartons
  • Auto lock Boxes
  • Partition corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated shipper box
  • Half slot boxes
  • Die cut boxes
  • Double wall curated boxes
  • Interlocking boxes
  • Laminated duplex boxes

These corrugated boxes are made from trees and recycled the old corrugated boxes. The boxes are transformed from corrugated sheets into corrugated boxes.

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